Hardness Tester

hardness tester

A hardness tester is a device that helps one to determine the hardness of a material by measuring the effect caused on the surface by penetration of an indenter of diamond, hard steel, or carbide. Hardness test is carried out by pressing a specific dimension and load onto the surface of a material being tested. The hardness value of material can be determined by the depth of indenter penetration or the measurement of the size of the impression left behind by an indenter.

hardness tester

Different Types of Hardness Testers That Can Be Carried Out

1. Rockwell hardness tester. It is the most commonly used hardness tester in the entire world. It is simple to carry out and very precise than other forms of hardness testers.

2. Brinell hardness tester. This form of hardness tester is best suitable for materials with coarse surfaces. Industries mainly use it to ensure the quality of products.

3. Vickers hardness tester. It is also referred to as the microhardness test method. It works by indenting materials being tested using diamond indenters in the form of a pyramid. Vickers hardness tester is used on all types of metals since it has the broadest scales among hardness tests.

4. Knoop hardness tester. This tester is an excellent alternative to the Vickers hardness tester and can be carried out on the same microhardness testing machine. It is commonly used on materials that are brittle to avoid cracking.


Hardness testers come in many different types that allow you to test different types of material, from the ones that are brittle to the ones that have coarse surfaces.

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